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The well-conditioned middleweight athlete
of dogdom, the boxer is a powerful dog with
an intelligent and alert expression. While they
are instinctive guardians, the boxer loves to
be with his people. This personality has
allowed them to succeed as couriers during
wartime and as seeing-eye dogs for the blind.

One of the breed’s most notable characteristics
is its desire for human affection, especially from
children. They are patient and spirited with
children, but also protective, making them a
popular choice for families. Appearing in both
fawn and brindle colors, the boxer’s short coat
requires minimal maintenance, but he is an active
dog that needs daily exercise.

 Featured Boxer Dog Articles
15 Reasons Why We Love Boxer Dogs…Because:

1. Their expressive faces, you always know what is on their minds.
2. Their never ending energy.
3. Their playfulness.
4. Their protectiveness of our families.
5. Their floppy ears.
6. Their goofy look on their faces.
7. Their soft jowls, that need toweling off after meals.
8. Their drinking of water as it slides out their jowls.
9. They are the cutest dog breed.
10. Their loyalty, having to be at your side no matter where you are.
11. Their stubby tails, wagging them means wagging their entire body.
12. Great dogs, you must have 2 of them at all times.
13. Their intelligence.
14. They have to ride in the front seat of the truck, like a person.
15. They are dogs…we love all dogs.

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